Products and services


Product & Services

As a Photographer and Content Creator I have multiple things to offer to a business or person. The following services are mere indications of the possibilites. All can and will be formed according to the will of the customer. I strive to give all that is asked for and more. 


Portrait, Commercial or Event photography

Over the years I have specialised myself in shooting people and places without any flash or other heavy tools. This allows me to be very flexible, both in making appointments and on location. 

It used to be very popular to shoot commercial work in a studio with controlled lighting. In recent years this shifted more towards shots on location, mainly because the customer has changed. Both for customers and businesses it has become increasingly important to show the 'soul'of the product. 

As I am experienced in shooting in bad lighting and without flash I am very versatile when shooting events. If you want the attendees to hardly notice the photographer thiswill be a huge advantage. 


Photography course(s)(Dutch/English) 

The course will be customized to the person taking the course. It differs from most photography courses in the following aspects.

  • Duration: The Course is short (2/4 Hours) 
  • one-by-one: The customer pays for one course and not a series of lessons. These will often come to fast or to slow for the person and won't allow personal development. I aspire to give a nice jumpstart to customers which will allow them to effectively develop their skills. 
  • Comeback possibilities: If the customer arrives at a point where he/she gets stuck there is always a possibility to have a refreshment or follow-up course to further their understanding of photography. 
  • Personal Character: The Course is NEVER in large groups in uninspiring places. Most courses will be given one on one, but can on request be increased to a group of 2-6 persons. We will start the course with a nice coffee or tea in a local coffee-bar. 
  • Practicality: You learn photography by shooting a lot and by just going out there and fail until you succeed. This attitude is at the core of the course. 


All photos on both the website and my Instagram are available for print. I aspire to adapt to the wishes of the customer as far as is possible. There are numerous possibilities and variations possible, especially in the field of: 

  • Size & Ratio 
  • Print material 
  • Frames 
  • Matte or glossy 
  • Texture

But even outside these fields there are endless posibilities. The perfect result is reached through contact with the customer in all phases of the process.