MasMas exhibition

MasMas Winter-exhibition

I have the opportunity to present my photography in real life for the first time. The kind people at MasMas in the city of Groningen asked me to add to the good vibes that already exist in the coffeebar. The exhibition features eight pictures that I have taken over the past two years. Highlighting both the beauty of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. 

The main goal was to exhibit pictures that would fit in at MasMas, but even more importantly the photos had to bare a significant value to me. As a result the shots are very much nature oriented. Furthermore, there are a lot of green and orange tones which catches the eye. Another important role is played by the shadows/shadowplay, giving the pictures a feel of mystery and melancholy.

Finally, from a more personal perspective, the photos aim to spark a feeling of being at peace, solitude and melancholy. Three emotions and/or feelings that have played a large role in my life in recent years.  

The exhibition can be visited for free during opening hours of MasMas Coffeebar Groningen. 
Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 65, 9712 EE Groningen
050 744 0092


Southern wall

Morning Pastels 

The first picture of a three-part series of silhouettes within the exhibition. A tree in the early morning, just before sunrise, covered in darkness. However, surrounded by all kinds of pastels. From a light blue to almost a skinlike colour, even some pinks and mint greens. It has a sense of melancholy and solitude. Most people also feel that it is 'alive' due to the 2 persons in the other photos in the southern wall. 

Tiny People

The second picture of a three-part series of silhouettes within the exhibition. This photo was taken in early 2017 on a cold winter day. The temperatures were around zero degrees celsius. Most plants and trees were covers by a layer of ice. The ice started melting and created some unreal lighting conditions. The high pine trees also spark a feeling of being powerless. The big big world vs the tiny people we are. 

Untouched and Unknown 

The third picture of a three-part series of silhouettes within the exhibition. Just like the first photo this was shot in the early morning, but this time just after sunrise. Both pictures were taken in the Dutch 'Schoorlse duinen' a really nice area in the west of the Netherlands. It again covers a person all alone in its surroundings, but the photo is mysterious rather than it being melancholic.

Eastern wall

New Heights 

After a difficult and tiring 2017 I managed to escape my studies and most of my problems and spend some time in South Norway. During this trip we did a hike in a more central part of Norway. It was the first time I felt freedom in a very long time as I conquered my fears. Both me and my drone reached new heights that day. 


Another drone shot but this time looking straight down. This bird-like perspective is what makes drones so incredible. It allows you to really emphasize certain natural patterns.   It also allows people immagination to get crazy and find your own meaning. I have heard various answers from the sea to a waterfall and more. 

Spring Dunes 

Again a shot in the 'Schoorlse duinen' this time  went further than the dunes and came to the beach. This picture was taking at the end of a spring day just before golden hour started. The vegetation, light blue sea and the empty beach make me feel very calm. The photo also has a feel of direction as all lines lead to one point at the horizon. 

Northern wall 

Caught in shadowplay 

A photo from summer 2017. In a period of time where I felt uninspired mainly because of the harsh light all day. I decided to challenge myself and learned to do some stuff with shadowplay and was very pleased with the result. The girl is looking down and has closed body language. The triangle shape with the pattern inside creates a feeling of being trapped. A feeling I have felt on many occassions. 

La Palma on fire 

The oldest photo of all, which was taken in summer 2016. My family and I visited the canary island of La Palma, one of the smaller and lesser known. On the second or third day of our trip a German guy decided to set his number two on fire which resulted in wildfires and ash raining from the skies for the rest of our holiday. If you look closely you can see a lot of ashes in the water and you realize the cloud is not a cloud but smoke. 



I would like to present to you: EMIL BORCHERT. A young man studying at Minerva in Groningen. We crossed paths in MasMas and decided to collab over some coffee. After sharing our stories, most of them being very personal. Emil created this amazing piece of art. A visual interpretation of the photos and the impact of an impulse on the brain and the countless reactions that follow. He paints windows! HIRE HIM NOW !